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Durham County Poets

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With opening act:  
Vito Petroccitto's "Half of Little Rock"
Dining 5-9pm. Music 7pm

Durham County Poets are known for their eclectic blend of blues, folk, roots and gospel. Hailing from Quebec’s Chateauguay Valley, the band was nominated for a 2020 Juno Award for Blues Album of the Year and two 2020 Maple Blues Awards.

Vito Petroccitto Duo

50% of the beloved Hudson Valley band "Little Rock"; Vito Petroccitto with bassist Mark Dann play a blend of acoustic Blues, Swampy Americana, and Roots Music, and believe in the good times!
Durham County Poets & Vito Petroccitto
Oct 7, 2022
Main Stage
Dining 5-9pm. Music 7pm

Durham County Poets are a “band” in the truest sense of the word!

It all started in a small café in Ormstown, Quebec, after which the band continued to percolate and spread onto the Canadian music scene allowing them to tour across Canada and on into the United States. Each member writes and arranges and brings something unique to the table. You’ll hear a variety of genres and a broad range of styles. Be it Blues, Soul, Folk, R&B or Gospel, it all weaves seamlessly together to create a truly authentic contemporary Canadiana sound.

Featuring: Kevin Harvey: Lead vocals, David Whyte: Guitars, Mark Leclerc: Tenor Sax, Kaven Jalbert: Baritone Sax, Carl Rufh: Double Bass, Rob Couture: Drums.

Vito Petroccitto Duo

Vito Petroccitto is magic. And we’re not just talking about the way he deftly casts alternating spells on his audiences, moving them either to awe, tears, full-out belly laughs, or all three at once. Vito is a true artist, born of a true artist. He has lived, breathed and slept music all his life. Moreover, he is a true entertainer. He is happiest with his telecaster strapped around his neck, but his versatility lends the depth and staying power necessary to make his art a lifelong career. He takes on anything and everything—within the bounds of personal integrity, of course—and what sets him apart is the way he dives in, whole-hog, always bringing his full-on passion, remarkable and wide-ranging technique and skill, boundless energy, and genuine soul-smile to each and every endeavor. Vito Petroccitto is larger than life, both literally and figuratively. If you don’t leave an encounter with him smiling your head off, you may have no soul.