Methodist Church, Marboro NY

The original Falcon "The Building", Marlboro NY

"The Building" Records (original Falcon), Marlboro NY

The Falcon at night | Photo by James Rice Photography

Gallery@TheFalcon, an art exhibition space

The Falcon's outdoor beer garden, Marlboro NY


The Falcon Underground New Yoek Taproom, Marlboro NY 

The Falcon's Main Stage, Marlboro NY | Photo by Tony Cenicola / The New York Times


The Falcon's Marlboro Falls Walkway


TONY FALCO 1956-2021

The staff of The Falcon are endlessly grateful to have known and worked with a beloved visionary and an extraordinary "fearless leader"...


The Falcon’s story begins with a church in the Hudson River Valley hamlet of Marlboro, NY. It had been built by a Methodist congregation in the early 19th century, who stuck it out till the 1960s and left when they merged with another congregation. In the mid-1990s, Cyril Nolen, of the Knights of Columbus, a selfless and generous man, organized a benefit to raise funds for a homeless shelter he was building in Newburgh, NY. Cyril brought life to the old building by hiring a rock band with the impossible name of “The Wild Animals of North America” led by Tony Falco. 


Falco, naturally engaging by virtue of his musicianship and interests in the arts, and naturally civic-minded, by virtue of his homeownership in Marlboro, saw a community center with endless possibilities. He bought the tired architectural relic and rented half to the Marlboro Children’s Center, a day care service, reserving the other half for various music performances. It was a money pit.


Relief came by way of the United States Postal Service of Marlboro, NY. They made Falco an offer. Now here’s the messy but magical part. They wanted the land, not the church. Falco set about dismantling the place, carefully removing and storing each architectural detail for its next destination.



A magnificent building began to grow behind the Falco home. The Falco's children referred to it as "The Building". Exquisite stained glass windows, imposing doors and beams were employed to create what appeared to be a well-proportioned “carriage house”. The real magic, though, was concentrated in the upper floor - an intimate listening room of a concert hall. 


In 2001, Tony Falco became an art & music promoter, forming Falcon Music & Art Production, Inc., and began the now legendary, private house concert series. Gallery walls were made available to painters & photographers. The remarkable space with its fine acoustics was outfitted with a studio grand piano, stage lighting, a sound & PA system and seating for 70 listeners. 


When asked how long it was before The Falcon was discovered by the upper echelon of the music world, Falco answered, "About two months." These well-regarded players, many of whom were Grammy Award nominees & winners, and resided in the Hudson Valley, had found a “home away from home” - an intimate space where they could play without restriction to an appreciative, generous audience. The response to these private performances was unbelievably enthusiastic! The community attended, listened and supported living artists, using a donation box and a potluck table for their contributions.


If there’s an award in the music world for hospitality, it goes, hands down, to Tony & Julie Falco and their children. The world over, one can find musicians who have not only played well at The Falcon, but have eaten and slept well in the Falco home.


[Since 2013, the original Falcon has enjoyed use as BUILDING RECORDS, a recording studio operated by Lee Falco]



The success of the series strained the small facility. In 2005, Falcon Music & Art Productions, Inc. purchased a 19th century button factory in the center of the hamlet of Marlboro. 1348 Route 9W, Marlboro, New York, is perched over Marlboro Falls, once used to power the factory’s operations. Through the years, the main floor of the building had been a roller-skating rink, community center and a cabinet factory. 


Opening the day after Thanksgiving on Friday November 27, 2009, the new facility rapidly became the “Village Vanguard of the Hudson Valley” and on a regular rotation with New York City's most respected venues; a rural Mecca for the finest in multiple genres; to include jazz, blues, rock, world music and contemporary chamber music. 


Within nine weeks of the opening, The New York Times ran a story with the sub-head, 


"Away from Manhattan's urban frenzy, one man's hospitality has created an intimate stage for top tier musicians." - The New York Times


The 3,500 square foot main floor provides the acoustically correct, live performance venue with a 24’ X 16’ stage. The Falcon's backline is assembled to please its artists - Yamaha C7 grand piano, a Hammond B3 organ with the sought-after Leslie amp & pedals, full drum kit, guitar & bass amps, powered monitors with separate mixes, along with light, projection and sound systems of quality. 



A 2,500 square foot viewing space, on the Main Stage floor, regularly features the large format works of both regionally and nationally recognized visual artists and photographers.


Publicly promoted exhibitions with opening receptions, feature a different artist every two months. The Falcon takes no fee from art sales, but encourages visitors to buy original pieces from the artists. 



New York Taproom + Beer Garden

The Falcon Underground - "a-pub-beneath-the-club" -  and its New York Taproom + Beer Garden, over the magnificent Marlboro Falls, is a second venue for live music, and gorgeous outdoor spaces, that proudly serves New York State sourced food and libations.


The gastro-pub menu may be ordered at the self-service window. Grab a beeper and you'll know when it’s ready to pick up! The New York Taproom bar specializes in a vast array of beautifully crafted, small-batch New York beers, ales, wines and spirits. 


The Falcon Underground – seating approximately 90 at tavern tables - presents a variety of performances, including intimate sessions, showcasing the work of Singer-Songwriters, Jazz Jams, Roots & Blues and Spoken Word & Hiphop, and authentic Native American music.



Museum of Roots, Rock & Roll​

The Falcon Underground is proud to have The Avalon Archives Museum of Roots, Rock & Roll as a permanent installation in The Falcon Underground's New York Taproom + Beer Garden. 


Visit this enormous, rotating collection of Rock & Roll memorabilia. Generous by nature, founder, director, Ned Moran, is typically on hand to guide patrons and visitors through this extraordinary collection; even inviting them to choose from the library of vinyl LPs, to be played on the turntable!

The Avalon Archives collection, first appeared in public in 1983 on the walls of Uncle Willy’s, a nightclub on Broadway in Kingston NY, operated by Ned Moran and Bill Guldy. This collection has toured the US, and in and around its Hudson River Valley home for decades!



Patrons are welcome to follow the portion of Lattintown Creek, just before it cascades into the Hudson River. The incline – lighted at night with railings - leads to an overlook of the breathtaking gorge; a 100 foot drop and a spectacular view of the surrounding valley.



Upstairs or down, The Falcon welcomes everyone, with no cover charge and no minimum. We have never sold a ticket. We encourage contributions to the careworn donation boxes, which remain as both a symbol of democracy in the arts and a way for any patron to give what they will and what they can, in support of the living artists whose work they have enjoyed. This fund goes directly to our extraordinary Main Act musicians*, demonstrating our respect and gratitude for their skill, and livelihood.

* Opening acts do not share in the donations, but do enjoy a complimentary dinner, and are encouraged to sell their recordings and merchandise.



We are grateful for the extraordinarily supportive coverage  in numerous media outlets, that The Falcon has enjoyed through the years.